Buying guide: tips for choosing a lounge chair

At first glance, a chaise lounge is a comfortable addition to your living room, bedroom, or home office. But looking into everything a chaise lounge represents, it is much more. From the 1600s, when the French popularised it as a statement piece, the chaise lounge as we know it today, is a sign of elegance and luxury.

Also known as a fainting sofa, the chaise lounge developed in time and was adapted to outdoor use as well. Nonetheless, from a fancy piece to a psychiatrist's office furniture item, the chaise lounge made its way into our homes. Some people wonder how to choose the right chaise lounge. In this buying guide, we will discuss every aspect to consider to find the right lounge sofa. 


Different types of chaise lounges – find your own

Since the chaise lounge has such a fascinating history, it evolved and changed over time. But why is the chaise lounge so popular? It offers the comfort of a sofa, but the reduced size makes it appropriate in all layouts. The variety of styles allows a chaise lounge to match any kind of interior décor, from classic to fresh contemporary ones. The most popular ones are:

The armless chaise lounge – with no arms, this type of chaise lounge has a backrest at one end. The simplicity of design allows varied ways to place it. It fits basically anywhere, although along a wall is the perfect way to style it when looking to save space. The back can be adjustable, which makes it super comfortable for reading or movie marathons.

The chaise lounge with one armrest – or the Victorian, this chaise lounge will become the star of your room. Its single armrest comes through the backrest and reaches halfway down the lounge. Place it against a wall to save space and enrich your décor. 

Two armrest chaise lounge – made especially for laying down, this chaise lounge is perfect for your living room. Its laid-back position allows not only relaxing moments in front of the TV but is also perfect for afternoon naps.

Double-ended chaise lounge – known as the Recamier, has two raised ends. Although not the best option for comfortable laying back, the Recamier will steal the spotlight wherever you might place it.

How to style and position your chaise lounge

Now that you know the available options for purchasing a chaise lounge, styling one to fit your home is the next step. A chaise lounge is not difficult to style and integrate into your interior.

Although it’s an impressive furniture piece on its own, it works great in most rooms. If you’re thinking which way a chaise lounge should face, you should start by considering the room’s circulation flow. Place the chaise lounge in a quiet spot and allow it to create an intimate corner. Depending on the type of chaise lounge, it can fit well against a wall or in front of a window, next to a coffee table.

When going for one without an armrest, understanding how to position a chaise sofa comes naturally. Go for a balanced lounge area and combine it with your sectional sofa. If you don’t know how to choose a left or right sectional sofa when placing it, think of where you want the corner of your sofa to be. Face it towards the entrance or another focal point – TV, fireplace – for an inviting and airy lounging space.

In order to design a comfortable space for relaxing, consider your room’s layout to figure out which side the chaise should be on. Normally, its back or arm can block the flow of the room and act as a separating wall. So, make sure you choose to place it against a wall or less circulated area. Leave enough room for access and style it with a floor lamp or a side table.


What’s my style? - the right colour & material

Now, let’s talk a bit about those details that make a difference when choosing a chaise lounge – material, colour, and style. Based on your existing interior, you have plenty of options to pick from.

If you’re into clean minimalist lines or industrial vibes, choose neutral colours for your chaise lounge. Opt for one that involves simple legs with little to no ornaments, or a sofa with a metal frame. In terms of materials, leather or suede can make a statement, regardless of the colour.

Lovers of a romantic French-inspired style will enjoy adding a chaise lounge to their home. Upholstered ones with detailed legs or arms are the right choice, especially in light colours. Go for velvet – there’s nothing better. When looking to brighten up the room in a luxurious way, we recommend vivid colours.

Those who appreciate a classic, timeless approach, should consider a Chesterfield-inspired style for a chaise lounge. This elegant option works well in every possible colour, as long as it follows the flow of the room. Linen finishes are also great, especially when paired with rich decorative details for its wooden legs.

Depending on the frequency of use, when choosing your chaise lounge’s material, consider the style you love but also its durability. Silk, velvet, suede, or leather, these materials are to die for but need extensive care to enjoy their ageless beauty. Microfiber and polyester offer great comfort and are easy to maintain, if you have kids or pets, or simply love to sit in your chaise lounge daily. To find more options that satisfy your needs when choosing the right chaise lounge, we invite you to discover our favourites below.