4 tips for choosing the perfect massage chair

Not everybody has constant access to a spa and massages. Getting your own massage chair can be the answer!

Below are a few advantages of having your own massage chairs:

  • You relax your body and muscles after long hard days at work
  • A massage lowers blood pressure and reduces stress
  • Helps you keep a balanced mental & physical health

When choosing a massage chair, you should consider a few important things. Scroll down and check the tips in our massage chair buying guide to learn everything you need to know.


Tip 1: What’s the right size for your massage chair?

Finding the best massage chair requires a bit of research. Keep in mind your personal needs, and aesthetics. Since a massage chair is rather big, it still needs to fit nicely into your interior. The last thing to keep in mind is your budget. Since most massage chairs come with varied functions, they’re not necessarily cheap. 

The first step is choosing the right spot for your massage chair. They’re often pretty big so you need enough space. Some come with a footrest, others have comfy armrests.

The standard dimensions for a massage chair while reclined are around 75 x 160 x 85 cm (W x D x H). In most cases, you need to allow up to 100 cm behind the chair, to fully enjoy its recliner function. Some other chairs feature a zero space function, which only requires 10 cm between the back of the chair and a wall. 

We recommend checking the exact dimensions of the chair you like and see where it fits in your home. A small massage chair can be a great addition to your living room, home study, or even your bedroom. Also consider the chair's weight, as this can affect your floors in time. Place your chair on a carpet to avoid any floor damage.  


Tip 2: We always care about the looks...

...especially when talking about a massage chair! In time, massage chairs evolved not only in terms of features but also design. Some popular models look very futuristic, which fit perfectly in a modern interior. Others kept their classic vibe and are easier to combine with many other styles. 

Tip 3: What is your style? Choose the right colour & material

Your massage chair is going to be your oasis of relaxation, so the chair has to be durable and super comfortable. These features differ from one chair to another, based on the materials used. What you should be looking for is a smooth texture from the upholstery, that helps you to enjoy an amazing massage at home.

The most popular ones are made of leather and faux leather. This detail makes the chairs durable in time, easy to clean, and super soft to touch. Leather – real or not – is such a classy option for a chair and fits every style.

If you want all the benefits of a modern massage chair, we recommend fabric upholstery. Often accompanied by wooden frames, these chairs resemble a classic armchair look, but with all the massage features. This way, it can actually complement your lovely décor.

How do you choose the colour of your massage chair? It’s pretty simple: do you want to make a statement out of it or just make it blend into your existing décor? Darker colours and neutrals help in a cosy design, while vivid colours will make your massage chair the star of your living room.


Tip 4: Massaging features

When browsing through all the massage functions, no need to go overboard. A lot of massage chairs have several massage points – for your shoulders, back and legs. Some work with airbags, others use massage rollers, while some chairs feature both modes. 

Think about which one would work for you since the airbag massage is gentler with your muscles. On the contrary, the rollers provide a more intense massage, useful to release muscle pain.  

Do you want a heating function in your chair? These special functions have major benefits in relieving stress and fatigue while stimulating blood circulation. The auto-detect function is another detail to consider, as the massaging points can adjust their position according to your body figure to offer the best massage ever. Look into some other special features to learn how to choose the ideal massage chair.