The ultimate bar stool buying guide

During the last years, we witnessed a major comeback of a kitchen bar in the shape of a kitchen island, counter, or actual bar.

The perfect bar chairs are comfortable and match your interior. Check out our tips on how to choose the right bar stools!


How to choose the right dimensions for your bar stools

Unlike dining chairs and tables that come in standard dimensions, bar stools and counters have different heights and sizes. Height is an important aspect when choosing your bar stools. There should be enough room between your legs and the counter or bar so you can sit comfortably.

Below is a list of the most popular bar stool types and their heights:

  • Counter stools - regular height of 60 to 66 cm
  • Bar chairs - following the standard bar measurements of 71 to 83 cm
  • Extra-tall bar stools - super tall chairs that reach a height of 86 to 101 cm

Measure the bar, counter, or island in advance to determine the height of your chairs. A counter stool is a good choice when you have a counter that’s 90 cm tall. If you want the authentic bar experience at home, go for bar chairs and match them with an island that has a height of 104 to 110 cm. You can also choose super tall bar chairs for your impressive counter measuring up to 111-119 cm.

Consider the way you’re planning to use your home bar to know how tall bar stools should be for your counter height. The simplest rule to remember when choosing the right height for your bar stools is to keep the average distance of 25-30 cm from your chair seat to the bottom of your counter.


Which style of bar chairs suits your home?

Bar stools are available in a rich variety of styles. Backless bar stools are ideal for smaller spaces since you can easily tuck them beneath the counter. Although one of the most popular choices, the backless stool can be a bit uncomfortable when sitting down longer.

Swivel stools are a great alternative to heavy bar chairs, allowing a very convenient functionality. Plus, swivel bar chairs will definitely protect your floors from the constant movement of the regular stools.

To add a touch of style and comfort, choose bar chairs with arms. These are perfect for a long lunch, especially when you have kids. Take it one step further and go for upholstered bar stools, if elegance is what you’re looking for. 

Details that matter when looking for the perfect bar chairs

Another aspect to consider is the number of stools you need. To determine how many bar chairs you need, think of the number of people you want to accommodate. Then, take a look at your counter or island. Its length will determine how many bar chairs you can fit.

For an adult to sit comfortably next to each other, you must allow plenty of space around the chair. Consider having 66 to 76 cm between the centre of one stool and the centre of the one placed next to it.



After deciding on the type of bar chair, it’s time to choose a material. Depending on your preferred style, some materials can be a better fit than others. Metal stools are super modern and work like magic in an industrial or contemporary style. Wooden bar chairs are warmer and easier to style – plus, they suit every décor. Rattan and wicker bar stools are an excellent choice too. Lightweight and practical, they will add a touch of bohemian vibe to your dining area.


Style & colour

Should your bar stools match your dining chairs? There’s no rule and your style preference is the only thing that matters. Mix and match, for a creative dining room look that you’ll enjoy every day. 

The same goes for the colour of the bar chairs. Depending on the upholstery, you can get creative and work with faux leather or various fabrics, in colours that match your existing interior look. Brighten up your place with neutral colours when you used stronger shades for the rest of the kitchen. Another option is to combine wooden or rattan stools with some colourful ones.

With all this in mind, you’re just one click away from finding the perfect bar stools. For more inspiration, take a look at our favourite bar chairs below!