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Christmas gift guide with a twist – DIY presents

Are there Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Christmas gifts on your list? You might think you're too busy, don't know how to make DIY Christmas gifts, or that they're not as appealing as store-bought ones. Your mind’s about to get changed with this super informative and fun gift-buying guide!

Let's talk about time management. People believe that making DIY Christmas presents takes a lot of time. In fact, there are many ideas that you can use with little to no effort and in a short amount of time. In the chapters that follow, we'll give you some great examples.

In addition to time, thinking that you need lots of different supplies to create DIY Christmas gifts can be a reason not to try. The truth is you have plenty of the necessary supplies around the house. The same goes for the tools you need in the making of DIY presents.

What makes a good DIY Christmas present? The emotional value attached to it. This is the perfect way to show the special people in your life just how much you love them. More than anything, they'll value the time and thought you put into the gift and the memory it creates.

Did we mention how cost-efficient DIY Christmas gifts can be? Just imagine: you spend a bit of time making something creative with items you already have at home. Then you give this homemade present as an expression of your love to someone special. Is there anything better than that?


How to prepare for creating unique Christmas gifts

Personalised Christmas gifts are perfect for showing the people in your life just how much you care. We encourage you to see it as a fun and creative activity because trust us, you will enjoy it! Not to mention the therapeutic benefits of using your imagination to create something by hand that will eventually bring someone so much joy.

Do you know why DIY Christmas gifts are the best? It's because each of these gifts was made especially for the person receiving them. Therefore, the first step is to think about what makes that person special to you. Keep in mind their hobbies, interests, a funny memory you both have, or anything else that will make them happy.

You'll need a few supplies to get started, including:

  • the old thread and needle, as well as some scissors
  • glue and a glue gun
  • acrylic paint, coloured pencils, or crayons
  • coloured or crepe paper
  • pieces of fabric, such as velvet, or tulle for ribbons and such
  • glitter: you'll never go wrong with glitter!

XL tip: Repurpose old clothing to get the fabrics you might need to create unusual Christmas gifts! Recycling paper, such as gift wraps and old books you can afford to destroy, is another eco-friendly practice.


DIY Christmas gift box inspiration

DIY Christmas gift box inspiration

Add the DIY touch to your Christmas gifts

There are countless possibilities for homemade Christmas gifts. We want to give you a few cute and easy DIY Christmas gift suggestions that could make your family and friends really happy!

  • As a homemade Christmas gift, make a photo collage. Get a big frame and print out your favourite moments with the person you want to surprise. Customise it with various pieces of fabric or jute twine and add a funky paper backdrop. For a funnier look, glue your images together or hang them from a string of lights with colourful clothespins.
  • Don't you think that DIY candle holders make adorable Christmas presents? All you need are a few empty jars that you can decorate any way you want. You can paint them, glue stuff to them, or ornate them with the shiny glitter we mentioned earlier. Remember to add some colourful candles or flameless candles - for more safety. 
  • Do you know how to knit, crochet, or stitch? Then you could gift a handmaid blanket, a set of wool gloves, or even a pair of customised socks that have a nice message sewn into them.
  • Perhaps the best DIY Christmas presents are gift boxes. Consider decorating a shoe box, then stuffing it with small yet meaningful goodies. We recommend adding a candle, a bottle of wine, a bar of premium soap, or homemade muffins.

XL tip: Always remember to handwrite a card or a note to go with your DIY Christmas gift. This is such a beautiful way of telling the person how much you appreciate them. Going the extra mile to handwrite it really puts an intimate touch on the gift, which will be highly appreciated. Even with poor handwriting.


DIY Christmas cardstock box

  • Step 1

    To start, cut out a square of paper the size you want for your gift box. Connect the 4 corners to form an X. Make sure they are exactly centred.

  • Step 2

    Fold the corners into the centre of the X. Make sure they perfectly meet for your box to be completely symmetrical.

  • Step 3

    After opening the sides, fold the triangular flaps at the top and bottom inward. Two of your initial folds, the top and bottom triangle flaps, should continue to face the centre.

  • Step 4

    While opening the top and bottom flaps, bring the two side flaps to the centre. Then, fold each piece again towards the centre so that the edges' vertical straight lines meet those in the centre.

  • Step 5

    Fold the top, smaller triangles over the side triangles. Once they have been folded in, fold the two side triangles that are still intact. They should be fully folded till the cut is reached.


Inexpensive Christmas gifts for everyone you love

If you really can't find the inspiration to make DIY Christmas gifts, don't worry! You can use any of the ideas above to wrap store-bought gifts. They'll look amazing, while also showing the care and effort you put into them.

We have some fantastic last-minute present ideas for you, that are both fun and affordable Christmas gifts. Some of them are even Christmas gifts under £25, how cool is that?

The easy fix is gifting festive decorations such as Christmas tree skirts, for example. To stay in the cosy-at-home vibe that Christmas brings, you might want to check out our comfy blankets and throw pillows. They're great for decorating the sofa, while also being practical. If the person you're gifting is passionate about interior design, a stylish vase, a home fragrance accessory, or a decorative bowl might just be the perfect gift.

XL tip: Mix and match! If you choose to buy Christmas gifts, you can include something homemade. Baking sweets, like macarons, is a fantastic idea. Another thing you can do is to make some festive decorations that take less than 10 minutes. We'd go for dried fruit and flowers tied together with a colourful ribbon as Christmas tree decorations.