How to choose the best bed – the ultimate buying guide

Choosing the right bed is vital if you don’t want any sleepless nights. Since you spend a third of your life in bed, you must ensure high-quality sleeping conditions. To do so, there are several aspects to pay attention to.

Before making such an important purchase, a bit of research is necessary. Understand your needs in terms of size, sleeping patterns, and style preferences. Next to the looks of your bed, the bed base is just as important because it has impact on the quality of your sleep.

To achieve a harmonious bedroom décor, learn how to choose your bed frame colour to match your style. The same goes for bed materials; all those available options will make your bed hunt super fun! If you don’t know where to start, then our guide on how to choose the right bed is exactly what you need!


How to choose the correct bed size

King or Queen? When talking about bed sizes, you should consider spoiling yourself. More room means more comfort, which translates into better sleep. Consider the dimensions of your bedroom, to be certain the bed you desire fits your space.

To understand how to choose the right bed size, start by measuring your bedroom. Leave enough space around it, for greater functionality. Don’t forget about additional accessories that take space, like headboards. If you have a small bedroom, avoid massive beds – it will look overcrowded, so go for sofa beds or smaller sized ones instead.

In a spacious bedroom, go for a luxurious size. Even if you’re not sharing your bed, we still recommend a double one. This way, you ensure more space for a resting sleep.

Picking the right size mattress is the next aspect on our list. The correct size of the mattress is based on the internal frame size of the bed – usually 2 cm smaller. So, make sure the dimensions correspond and allow small differences before buying. Furthermore, your new mattress must offer great support for your back.

Consider your sleep needs – and your partner’s. Try out different types of mattresses and find the one suitable for you. Some are better for light sleepers, designed to reduce motion. Others offer benefits for different sleeping positions.


The best type of bed frame for you

Today’s bed bases offer is rich, which can make buying one a bit overwhelming. When wondering what's the best type of bed frame, check out the most popular ones:

  • Divan bases
  • Bedsteads / Bed Frames
  • Adjustable bed frames
  • Bunk beds

Divan bases are a popular choice. Some of them have a non-sprung top panel, for a firmer feel. A fancier one is the sprung edge divan, ensuring less motion and greater mattress durability. The divan base is seen as some of the best bed frame types, also because of the under-bed storage option. Ideal for storing bedding items, drawers can be customized as you wish.

Bedsteads usually come with a slatted base. This can be fixed or on a ladder of slats, with a supporting central beam. The wood allows more flexibility, so it feels less firm than a divan. To know what you should look for when buying a bed base, understand the kind of tension your back needs. Most of the slatted bases have arched slats that offer a medium-firm sleep.

Adjustable beds have shown a growth in popularity, due to their amazing functionality. Use it for reading in bed, watching TV, or in case of medical needs. The adjusting slats work in sections – for your neck, head, or feet. There are special mattresses available for adjustable beds.

Bunk beds are great when thinking about how to choose a bed frame for your kids. They’re practical, space-efficient, and super fun!

Most stylish bed frames

After making sure you will get the best sleep your bed frame can offer, here comes the fun part! Picking the bed that matches your interior design style leaves you with several options. You should consider what bed frames are in style but opt for a timeless one.

  • Metal beds offer a romantic vibe to your bedroom, and they will never go out of style. For a more traditional approach, go for a sleigh bed. With a headboard taller than the footboard, sleigh beds are mostly made of wood and have ornamental finishes.
  • Platform beds are low to the ground and follow simple lines. If you’re looking to create a modern and minimalist bedroom décor, this is the right choice for you.
  • Bohemian style lovers can opt for a canopy bed, made of wood or metal. These beds have four posts that can be draped with your favourite fabrics, for a boho-dreamy look. Remember to pick one according to your bedroom size, to avoid a crowded feel.
  • Upholstered beds are the answer when going for a more luxurious bedroom style. Covered with fabric - leather, velvet, or tweed – the upholstered bed is sophisticated and brings a vintage touch to your bedroom.

This guide on how to choose a bed can help you get the high-quality sleep you need. Since the bed is the most important furniture piece you own, it’s necessary to invest time and effort into buying one. Our recommendation is to also have some fun – get creative with different materials and styles, for a perfect bedroom setup.