How to choose the perfect dining chairs

Every corner of your home is important. Your home is an expression of who you are and should offer the ultimate cosiness and comfort.

Your dining area is especially important, and so are your dining chairs. This is where you share meals with your loved ones, host dinner parties or have lazy weekend breakfasts. Therefore, dining chairs should be comfortable and stylish. With this in mind, we will provide the necessary tips in this buying guide, to help you choose the right dining room chairs.


Don't be afraid to mix & match

The easiest way to create a dining area is by purchasing a dining set. This solution answers all problems but above all, the “how do you match a dining table and chairs” question. Nonetheless, this is not the only way. Your dining table doesn’t necessarily need to match your chairs. On the contrary, you have all the freedom to bring your uniqueness into your dining design by buying the chairs separately. Don’t hesitate and play with different types of chairs for your dining table.

But should all dining chairs match? The only rule you need to follow when worrying about creating a balanced dining décor is keeping a common element that unifies the look. You can choose dining chairs with armrests that are super comfortable, and combine them with benches, stools, or side chairs.  Plus, your chairs don’t have to be part of a set. Combinations of wooden or rattan chairs with upholstered ones can bring warmth to your dining area. 

What are the right dimensions for your dining chairs?

When it comes to style, you can use your creativity and unique personality to create the perfect dining area. But having comfort in mind is the first aspect to consider before buying dining chairs. The standard dining chair dimensions should closely follow the regular table sizes. The dining chair seat height is around 45 cm, while the standard table height reaches 76-77 cm. In case you’re dealing with a custom-made table or chairs, remember to allow 30 cm from the seat of the chair to the tabletop. This ensures plenty of room for your knees.

Another relevant dimension to keep in mind is the height of the armrests. Dining chairs with armrests follow the standard dining chair dimensions of 18 cm, from the armrest to the tabletop. Being considerably bigger, these chairs should fit under the table, for space efficiency.

The next thing to consider is the chair width. The standard dimension varies between 45 and 50 cm. To correctly assess how many chairs you can fit around your table is leaving up to 15 cm between chairs for elbow room. This way, everyone can sit comfortably at the table, while your dining setup looks cosy but airy. Evidently, when dealing with limited space, adding some stools or a dining bench can really solve your issue. Another plus comes from the endless styling possibilities you get when deciding to mix & match these.


We all love a good-looking chair

Now, let’s get to the fun part – choosing the perfect dining chairs based on looks. Finding the right chairs can be overwhelming because of the large choice out there. No need to panic, you just have to break it down into:

Dining chairs are designed in various materials. The most popular ones are made of wood, metal, or are upholstered. Wooden dining chairs are comfortable and durable, they match a classic design but work great with modern finishes. The best part about them comes from the cosiness they bring to the table.

Metal chairs can be paired with multiple styles – from industrial to a French-inspired romantic vibe. They are ageless and super easy to clean and can sometimes be used outdoors as well.

As expected, upholstered dining chairs are the definition of comfort. With the greatest variety of upholstery, you can fit them into every possible dining design.

When it comes to colour, play with different fabrics and materials, and see which patterns match your desired décor. You can always go for neutral colours and add some bold shades or patterns. 

As mentioned before, your dining chairs don’t have to match. We recommend assessing the general atmosphere of your dining area and try to mix some different style chairs. For more inspiration, take a look at our favourite dining chairs below.