How to choose the perfect sofa?

Before you start looking for a new sofa, it’s important to think about your wants and needs. A new sofa is often quite an investment and will stay in your living room for at least a few years. In this buying guide, we will tell you all about what to keep in mind when choosing the perfect sofa for your interior!


Which style to choose for your sofa?

Because a sofa is such a big piece of furniture, it often greatly influences your interior design style. Will you choose an industrial couch with steel legs, a classic Chesterfield sofa, or a country-style fabric sofa?


Which material looks best in your interior?

When you’ve chosen the style of your sofa, the next step is to choose the material. The most obvious choices are fabric or leather for the upholstery, but also within these two materials, there are plenty of options. Think about faux leather, velvet, goat leather, etc. Next to the upholstery, the legs' material also contributes to your sofa's style and look. Depending on what the style of your interior is, you can go with wooden or metal legs.

How to choose the right colour for your sofa?

At vidaXL, you’ll find sofas in various colours. There are neutral colours available, such as grey, beige, brown, white, or black. If you want to make your sofa pop out, you can choose a happy yellow, green or blue.


Which sofa type fits in your interior?

There are several sofa types available:

  • Two, three or four-seaters
  • Corner sofas
  • Sofa sets
  • Sofa beds
  • Love seats

Which type fits your interior best depends on how much space you have. If space is limited, you can choose a two- or three-seater combined with a nice armchair. If you have plenty of space in your living room, you can choose a spacious four-seater or a corner sofa for the whole family.

And finally…

Determine where the sofa should be placed. It would be a shame if you miss a beautiful view because you’re sitting with your back to it!