Find serenity in your outdoor sanctuary with our Serenity Garden trend. Learn how to design a beautiful escape from the rush of daily life.


3 reasons to fall in love with the Serenity Garden trend

Let us show you how to easily elevate your outdoor experience. Our tips will help you uncover the hidden beauty of your garden.


Furnish your oasis with style

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From cosy loungers to beautiful dining sets, our outdoor furniture will turn your garden into a stylish retreat. Simply kick back and enjoy your leisure time out in the fresh air!


Decorations that make a difference

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Let your garden dance with colour, sparkle, and peace. Discover our vibrant rugs, textured cushions, and twinkling lights!


The Zen factor

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A zen state is the key element of your green retreat. To inspire slow living, go for artificial plants, a parasol for shade, or even a calming fountain as a centrepiece.


Must-haves for your zen garden

Upgrade your garden oasis with our stylish essentials! Choose from serene fountain features, cosy seating options, dining sets, and cool decorations to make your outdoor sanctuary comfortable and trendy.

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Top 5 styling tips for your serene garden

  1. Choose comfy and fun seating: Opt for soft cushions or cool hammocks to create inviting relaxing spots in your garden.
  2. Go natural: Pick furniture made from wood or rattan to blend with nature and boost your outdoor space's calm vibe.
  3. Make smart use of your furniture: Arrange outdoor pieces in versatile layouts to suit different activities, from hosting gatherings to enjoying quiet moments.
  4. Create shade: Add pergolas, umbrellas, or canopy tents to provide shade and enjoy your garden comfortably all day long.
  5. Personalise it: Add your unique style with throw pillows, blankets, or outdoor rugs in soothing colours to create a zen state in your garden retreat.


Draw inspiration from our customers' serene garden ideas

Playful garden decorations for your zen sanctuary


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